Don Haggerty    Cityscape

It seems with any piece of art that there’s the inspiration, there’s the creation, then there’s the sitting back and just taking in the finished work.  With “Cityscape”, I enjoy what I see. I can say that because I’m not the painter anymore.  I’m just another one of the viewers.  In fact, living with a finished piece of work is my second favorite thing about being a painter.

With a painting like this, my eyes tend to go straight to the figures.  Their warm tones and sharp edges “pop” in the field of muted greens and purples that make up the blurred verticals and horizontals here symbolizing a city.  You may find your own eyes doing the same.  But, each time I let my eyes defocus and begin to roam the scene beyond the figures and beyond the glass that separates them—and me—from this immense metropolis that opens before me, a smile forces itself on my face.  I play among the building peaks and realize how high in the air I must be.  I gaze at the traffic setting ablaze the streets far below.  Honking horns and revving engines are silent from where I’m perched.

Only then do I begin to see the scene I’ve been gazing through.  Who are these figures?  What has brought them here?  They, too, are gazing at the city.  And what of the city gazing back at them?  They’re each one sensuous, but really quite ordinary, quite unpretentious.  And what of the neon stools on which they’re seated?  Are they real?  Is any of this real?  Art is an amazing thing.

-- Don Haggerty
















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Oil on canvas  30" x 80"
Cityscape--detail Cityscape--detail Cityscape--detail Cityscape--detail Cityscape--detail