Don Haggerty    The Mysterious Light

The Mysterious Light--from The Adventures of Katimoto began as a barely perceptible spark of inspiration ignited by a page torn from a magazine.  It continued to grow through a fateful encounter with a print by Suzuki Harunobu titled 'Girl on Her Way to the Shinto Shrine on a Stormy Night'.

An ensuing treasure hunt turned up a fine Japanese umbrella, a lantern...and a kimono.  Through an Internet hunt, we located Miki Makiya, proprietor of Kotobuki based in Seattle, who was hired to perform a ritual kimono dressing, including makeup and hair.  Kathy Deraitus--my wife, ready model and muse--quickly transformed into Katimoto (an obscure but real surname--to know its real roots, and those of the heroine, you’ll have to read the book), and thus began the adventure. 

Kathy modeled...and I painted.  From inspiration to canvas, the story fell into place--or at least the first episode.

Finally, from raw boards of mahogany and maple, Brian Haggerty (my son) crafted the storybook frame and attached the brass title plaque to complete Katimoto's first adventure.

And what a grand adventure it was!                                  -- Don Haggerty





























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The Mysterious Light
Oil on canvas  40" x 30"
Title Plague
Detail -- The Glow
Detail --Her Umbrella
Detail --  Her Hair Bow
Detail -- The Kimono Detail --  Lantern Hand Detail -- Umbrella Hand Detail -- Her Gaze
The Mysterious Light
Framed Dimensions  57" x 41"

Framing by Brian Haggerty